Angus Hall, the sire of two of the greatest trotters raced in North America in Majestic Son Tr 3, 1:52.4 ($1.9m.), now a leading sire in Australia and New Zealand, and Peaceful Way Tr 1:51.8 ($3.2m.), is available to breeders in Australia and New Zealand via frozen semen.

Angus Hall is without question one of the most proved sires available to ‘Down Under’ trotting breeders. He is one of only a few trotting sires available to Australian and NZ breeders represented by five million dollar winners – Peaceful Way, Majestic Son, Elusive Desire ($1.2m), Winning Mister ($1.1m) and Frenchfrysnvinegar ($1m). Elusive Desire and Frenchfrysnvinegar have both been the recipients of O’Brien Awards in Canada.

From 13 crops of racing age Angus Hall is to date the sire of the winners of a massive $86-million, an average of $72,354 per starter and $59,565 per foal. In all, 76 percent of his foals have raced and 71 percent of his starters are winners.

In 2015 Angus Hall’s progeny banked an impressive $4-million to again rank him among the top bracket of North American Trotting sires.

He has been the leading sire of individual trotting winners on seven occasions and in 2008 he was the premier sire of 2:00 three-year-old trotters.

Angus Hall was a sensation with his first crop racing as two-year-olds in 2003. He rewrote the record books as the most successful first-crop trotting sire in Canadian history, dominating the Ontario Sires Stakes and leaving an indelible mark on USA trotting.

In his first season he left 99 foals, and of these 88 have raced, earning more than $10million in stakes. His second crop in 2002 produced the winners of $7.6million, while his third, fourth and fifth crops have left the winners of $10million, $11million and $10million respectively.

From his first crop he sired a top colt in Cincinnati Kid Tr 3, 1:54.8 ($911,480), who won on Ontario Gold final and was second in the Breeders Crown at 2 and 3, and an outstanding racemare in Peaceful Way Tr 1:51.8 ($3.2m.), who was Canadian 2YO and 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year and Aged Trotting Mare of the Year in USA and Canada.

Majestic Son Tr 3, 1:52.4 ($1.9m), Laddie Tr3, 1:54 ($982,607), Starsel Tr 1:53.6 ($708,507), Stonebridge Diablo Tr 1:56.2 ($690,408), Porsche Hall Tr 3, 1:56 ($582,757) and Adam T Tr 1:53.2 ($415,499) were other top trotters from his first crops.

Angus Hall was a top flight trotter and a most genuine racehorse, winning eight races with 14 placings from 26 starts for $830,654 in stakes. His major wins were the John Simpson Memorial, Champlain Stakes, a heat of the Hambletonian in 1:54.6 (2nd in Final) and a heat of the Breeders Crown (3rd in Final).

On the score of blood Angus Hall lacks nothing. His sire Garland Lobell Tr 3, 1:55.6 was a champion with stake earnings of $345,689 and has been one of America’s top sires for some time. He figures as the sire of two of America’s greatest trotters in Cameron Hall Tr 1:53.8 ($1.8m) and Andover Hall Tr 3, 1:51.6 ($870,510).

Amour Angus, the dam of Angus Hall, has been one of the gems of the American stud book. She is the dam of 11 individual trotting winners, four of whom took records of better than 1:56, including Conway Hall Tr 3, 1:53.8 ($818,884), Adams Hall Tr 3, 1:55.2 ($395,019), Andover Hall and Angus Hall.

Three of Amour Angus’ progeny in Angus Hall and his two full brothers Andover Hall and Conway Hall finished in the top dozen on the American All-Aged Trotting sires’ list last year.


Race Record



Angus Hall in North America is the sire of 910 winners, 102 in 1:55, 562 in 2:00, five million dollar winners and 256 $100,000 winners, with earnings of over $90-million, including:

PEACEFUL WAY Tr 1:51.8, $2,746,240 (Royal Prestige)

MAJESTIC SON Tr 3, 1:52.4, $1,756,883 (King Conch)

ELUSIVE DESIRE Tr 1:52.2, $1,275,827 (Valley Victory)

WINNING MISTER Tr 1:51.6, $1,116,484 (American Winner)

FRENCHFRYSNVINEGAR Tr1:52, $1,084,814 (Fool Me Not)

LADDIE Tr 3, 1:54, $982,607 (Valley Victory)

TAMARIND Tr 1:52.4, $931,584 (S J's Photo)

CINCINNATI KID Tr 3, 1:54.8, $744,606 (Supergill)

Angus Hall in Australia and New Zealand is the sire of 56 winners, 12 in 2:00, with earnings of more than $2.2-million including:

MY ARYA Tr 3, 1:58.3, $288,406, Breeders Crown 2YO, Vic & NSW Trot Oaks, NZ Trotting Stakes, Need For Speed, 2YO & 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year (Sundon)

ENDSINO Tr 3, 1:58.1, $185,203, Vicbred 2YO and 4YO Finals, The Holmfield (Wagon Apollo)

UNE BELLE ALLURE Tr 3, 1:56.9, $176,810, Vic. & NSW Trotters Oaks, Vic. Derby, Princess of Speed, 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year (Onyx Du Goutier)

MISSANDEI Tr 1:59.3, $131,343, NZ Harness Jewels 2YO (Sundon)

SPRINGBANK EDEN Tr 2:00.1, $98,261 (Sundon)

PETITE ONE Tr 2:01.6, $91,003 (Sundon)

AIMFORTHEMOON Tr 1:59.3, $85,710, Vicbred Platinum Home Grown 3YO Classic (Sundon)

SHARED INTEREST Tr 2, 2:02.6, $76,425, St Arnaud Trotters Cup, Vicbred 2YO ht, 2nd Final (Like A Prayer)

KYVALLEY KYRIE Tr 2, 2:01.7, $76,031, Breeders Crown 2YO, 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year (Dream Vacation)

BETTY HALL Tr 2:04.6, $71,155, Vicbred 2YO Final (Safely Kept)

MOONLIGHT DREAM   Tr 3, 2:00.1, $68,830 (Pine Chip)

SAXON ROSE Tr 3, 1:59.5, $67,432, Aldebaran Park Starlet (S J’s Photo)

KYVALLEY CLICHY Tr 2, 2:02.6, $65,990, Breeders Crown 2YO (Sundon)

HUDSON BAY Tr 2:00.3, $65,922, NSW Foundation ht, 2nd NSW 2YO Breeders Challenge (Lindy Lane)

ALL STAR ANGUS Tr 2:00.4, $60,504 (Sundon)

ALEPPO JEWEL Tr 3, 2:01.3, $52,085, Vicbred Silver 3YO (Safely Kept)

CHARLIE RUNKLE Tr 2, 2:00.6, $45,768, Vicbred Platinum Home Grown 2YO Classic, Vicbred 2YO ht (Muscles Yankee)


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